VFX & Motion Graphics

Are you looking for someone talented to help with the edit or special effects for your next video project? In addition to our traditional EFP services, we offer an array of post-production services such as Visual Effects and Motion Graphics. We are able to specialize in all of these areas by strategically forging relationships with trusted industry partners.

The TEA Associates are here for your next 2D, 3D, logo animation, lighting, compositing, rotoscoping or post processing project! Message us today!

San Francisco Sourced

We partner with Andrew Baker VFX, a San Francisco based VFX Compositor & Lighter to provide the absolute best post services to the Savannah area and beyond. Learn more about Andrew Baker VFX.

Andrew Baker San Francisco VFX Compositor & Lighter

Ready to Reach Out?

Looking for custom motion graphics, touch ups, color grading or visual effects for your next video project? Drop us a line! We partner with Andrew Baker VFX to provide premier VFX and Motion Graphics services, no matter the size and scope of your project.

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