Savannah Wedding VIdeographers

The TEA Associates are trusted Savannah Wedding Videographers, who have been in the business for the better half of a decade. In fact, the first wedding video we shot was in a 4:3 aspect ratio direct to Mini DV tape... Well, never mind you get the idea; we've been doing this a while. Now we shoot all of our wedding videos with multiple shooters in full high definition.

Our Process

We treat each wedding uniquely, because we recognize that every wedding is special and unique. After contacting us via our inquiry form, we will schedule a time to talk about the ideas you have for your wedding, whether it is still in the initial planning phases, or just a couple weeks away.

We will then prepare a quote for you, even if you don't have all of the details of your wedding day ironed out. For the 2019 wedding season, our standard wedding package goes for $2,950, with a $250 down payment. Once we have received your security deposit, we will secure your wedding date. Wedding dates are first come first serve. However, we give first option to couples who have expressed interest (basically, we want to make everyone happy, but get your deposit in sooner than later!).

After, we begin our planning process. We will ask you to complete a detail form to keep all of the fine details of your wedding in one place. These details include ceremony location and time, reception location and time, photographer and DJ contact information, etc. Don't have that info yet? That's okay. You can submit the detail form as many times as you'd like with details as you get them.

As we get closer to your wedding date, we will generate an itinerary the the details you have submitted. We will send it to you, your planner/photographer for review. The remainder of your balance is due one month before your wedding date. Changes can still be made to your itinerary up until your wedding date.

After the Wedding

After your wedding, we will take the footage from all videographers present and compile them into a series of raw footage files for you to watch. Many videographers will no provide raw footage, but we feel that little moments are captured in the raw footage that may not make the final cut but still hold sentimental value for years to come. Think of it like this: you can watch your finished edit whenever you'd like, and your raw footage files on your tenth anniversary (if it's a rainy day).

You will then receive your finished edit, the short social media trailers, the ceremony edit, and all of the raw footage on a thumb drive, which is yours to keep, within three months of your wedding date. It takes time to compile all of the footage, and we want to make sure that you will cherish your wedding video for years to come. The only last step is leaving TEA Associates a review!

Areas we serve

Although we are based in Savannah, Georgia, we are originally from Upstate New York, and travel all over. The farthest we have traveled is Pine, Colorado, in 2016. Think getting an out of town videographer is cost prohibitive? Send us a message. Savannah is a hot tourist destination so flights to and from this city are highly affordable. Who knows, maybe you'll want to get married in Savannah?