The Creative Truth podcast was founded with the intention of spreading knowledge to individuals working the in video production, filmmaking, editing, and other creative fields. Our goal is to tell the "Truth" about working as full-time filmmakers; the Truth about gear, the Truth about getting clients, and the Truth about building your brand from the ground up.

We plan to regularly feature guests from around the world who are successful in CREATIVE fields, including film/video professionals, artists, graphic designers, editors, podcasters, photographers and more. We are based in Savannah, GA, but we're using the podcasting platform to hopefully reach and inspire filmmakers, videographers, and creators around the world.

The Creative Truth podcast was founded by Terrass Misher of Pod on the Go, LLC, and Tyler Edic of TEA Associates, LLC, in 2019.


We attempt to tell the Truth about making videos professionally, and standing out in other Creative pursuits.

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